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Planning For A Tragic Accident Or Premature Death

Even young people may be stricken by accidents and illnesses. You cannot afford to ignore the possibility that you or your spouse could face a catastrophe. On the other hand, consider the Emerging Estate Plan: You can afford to hire Wool Landon to help you with your estate and disability plan now. Starting early with the right plan and the right attorney builds a solid foundation for your financial and family legacy. It is never too late or too early to safeguard your family.

We have decades of experience helping clients in Oregon and Washington with successful estate and disability plans. We are proud that we have never created an estate or disability plan that resulted in litigation. In the event of a severe debilitating illness or unexpected death, we save family members time and money. We can’t reduce heartache, but our plans reduce their workload.

Don’t Leave Caring For Your Children And Loved Ones To Chance

We offer a variety of options for the first-time emerging estate and disability plans customized to best suit your present needs.

Even individuals and families with simple assets need the basic building blocks of an estate and disability plan: wills, powers of attorney, advance directives for health care. If you are starting to build and establish your financial future, you are a good candidate for a Emerging Estate Plan created by Wool Landon. Your plan at Wool Landon will also include detailed advice on the appointment of guardians, conservators, executors, and trustees. Also, we provide forward-looking provisions such as a robust well-designed trust for the benefit of your minor and young adult children, and the appointment of a trust protector who can serve as a mediator and advisor to your family and your named trustee. These plans are designed to give attention to your current needs, and to grow and develop over time as your estate does. We also have a plan maintenance program to ensure that your plan grows with you.

  • Learn about life insurance from your lawyer. We don’t sell it, so when we tell you how much insurance you should carry, we aren’t doing so for the commission. We know it is an important tool for young families and can show you how it applies in your estate and disability plan.
  • Learn about who has the final word as to placement of your minor children. Did you know that if you leave a child behind without a legal parent, they become wards of the state until your plan is implemented? We understand how to help you guide the court to ensure your children do not wind up as pawns between warring family factions.
  • Learn about your future plans. Did you know that estate and disability planning is not a destination until you are dead or disabled? It is a journey. Hire the right law firm now as you begin that journey with your first set of planning documents lays the foundation for a long-term relationship where we get to know you, your family, your finances and wishes for your legacy.

Do You Qualify For An Emerging Estate And Disability Plan?

Complete our Emerging Estate Questionnaire on our resources page. If your answers are “No” to the questions highlighted on the resources page, you probably qualify.

We have additional plans for adults with beneficiaries over 25 years of age who have well-developed personal assets. These plans include flexible tax applications, detailed advice on appointments of successor trustees and personal representatives, customized beneficiary advice and applications.

We will sit down with you to ensure that we understand your goals for your future and your loved ones. An estate and disability plan is a joint effort; we are here to help you make decisions and organize your plans.

What Are You Waiting For?

Your Emerging Estate Plan is not a one-time purchase – it’s an investment that grows with you as your family grows and you accumulate wealth. Caring planning partners like Abby Wool Landon and her team will guide you in making the right choices for you and your loved ones.

The results are obvious:

  • You and your family have peace of mind knowing you have an estate and disability plan customized to your current situation
  • Your plan documents can reduce tax, litigation and administration costs now and in the future.
  • You have selected the best options for your minor children, ones that you can be confident will apply in the event of an unexpected and unanticipated health concern or other disaster.
  • You have a firm you can rely on for plans that will grow and change as your lives do.

Estate And Disability Planning Experience You Can Rely On

We can help you get started on an estate plan that will protect you and your loved ones. Our experienced estate and disability planning attorneys know how to create a plan that will preserve your legacy. Contact Wool Landon at 503-925-5174 or online to schedule a consultation.