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Solutions For All Couples

Many people dream of a future with the person they love. Whether your future includes marriage or cohabitation, Wool Landon can help.

We create and negotiate a customized arrangement for the disposition of assets and liabilities for married couples, second marriages and couples who choose cohabitation. Your marital or non-marital agreements should be as distinctive as your life.

An Agreement As Unique As Your Relationship

Marital and non-marital agreements are enforceable contracts that two people in a relationship enter into. For married couples, we help develop plans that preserve the rights and plan for the limitations on the legal relationship and the preferable tax treatment afforded married couples. We prepare marital trusts to preserve assets during life and for the surviving spouse on death. For couples contemplating marriage, we prepare premarital (prenuptial) agreements, and cohabitation and premarital hybrid agreements. We can also prepare comprehensive plans for international couples, and those moving to or from a community property state to a separate property state like Oregon. Depending on your circumstances, for second or later marriages, we can develop a plan together with your spouse’s attorney, and in some cases for both of you. Marital agreements and marital trusts provide some certainty for each party on what to expect in the case of death or divorce.

Non-marital agreements focus on partners who live together but are not married. A non-marital agreement allows you to obtain the power of attorney and the right to make health care decisions for one another. It can also enable parties to add their partner to health insurance policies. A non-marital agreement can help protect each party’s properties if they separate at the end of a relationship. It can also determine how to divide joint assets during life and on death. These agreements can be executed before marriage as a prenuptial agreement or after marriage as a postnuptial agreement.

For cohabitating couples contemplating marriage at a later date, our founder has developed a hybrid agreement that continues to apply after marriage. We pay equal attention to divisions that might occur due to death, financial incapacity or dissolution of the relationship. We are well-versed in helping clients reach an agreement that will be binding if they relocate from one state to another during their relationship.

Helping Clients Reach An Agreement That Will Be Binding

With decades of experience in Oregon and Washington, our attorneys at Wool Landon understand how the marital and premarital agreement process works. Contact us at 503-925-5174 to learn more about how we can help you or fill out an online form to schedule a consultation.