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Zenora Burris

  • Senior Estate Planning Paralegal

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Zenora Lojkovic Burris brings her unique set of technical skills to the estate planning world as Senior Estate Planning Paralegal at Wool Landon. After serving as an English teacher for two years in Taiwan (ROC) — hounding her kindergarten and high school students about the placement of their periods and commas, and the proper use of the present continuous tense — Zenora moved seamlessly into editing wills, trusts, and disability documents for her team at Wool Landon.

In her spare time, Zenora enjoys tinkering with the wonderfully concise and powerful pour-over will. Her favorite form of punctuation is the elegant and ruthlessly decisive dash mark (“—”). In the future, Zenora hopes to become the irrefutable global authority on formatting documents and creating “list styles” in Microsoft Word.