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Protect Your Vulnerable Loved Ones

Every year, financial elder abuse costs elderly adults and their families billions of dollars and can have devastating consequences for victims. Many elders are taken advantage of by a family member, friend or neighbor. They often do not report the abuse because of embarrassment or loyalty.

Working with a skilled litigation attorney, Abby Wool Landon has decades of experience pursuing and defending elder abuse claims in Oregon and Washington. The Wool Landon team represents Wool Landon clients in contested court proceedings.  We can help you evaluate allegations of elder abuse to determine whether they are likely to give rise to liability and pursue or defend such claims in court when appropriate.

We understand the stressful nature of these cases. We know it is an emotional time for everyone involved and can cause lasting emotional damage. We assess every case personally to determine the best path forward. Your case will always be treated with care and respect.

We Have Experience With Financial Abuse Cases That Will Help You

Many financial abuse cases involve an elderly person’s finances. Typically, we see cases where someone has manipulated an elderly person into signing over significant amounts of money or stolen their assets outright.

Oregon law includes aggressive penalties for wrongfully taking the money or other property of a person 65 years old or older. In addition to criminal penalties, ORS 124.100 provides for recovery of three times the amount of economic and non-economic damages and attorney’s fees.

The warning signs of elder abuse can be challenging to see. Paying attention to your elderly loved one’s financial situation can help you catch the abuse. This might include unexplained withdrawals or transfers, new individuals added to accounts, changes to wills or trusts, unpaid bills and missing personal property. It can often take place over a long period of time, slowly taking more money while maintaining a caring relationship with the victim.

A Steady Hand To Guide You Through

We have years of experience working on these cases and can help you determine if you may have a case to pursue. We understand how personal and sometimes embarrassing these situations can be, especially when they involve close family members or trusted friends. You need an attorney who will be transparent and communicative through every step of your case.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help at 503-925-5174 or online to schedule a consultation.