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Leaders who see themselves as part of a group, rather than apart from their followers, are better able to engage people in their mission. The Harvard Business Review published an article titled To Be A Good Leader, Start By Being a Good Follower. Practicing trust and estate law means being both a leader and a follower.

The systems for applying forms and examples written and compiled by Abby Wool Landon, founder of Wool Landon, are the pinnacle to her vision for Wool Landon. Wool Landon intends to create a team of lawyers who will not only consistently meet the needs of their clients but exceed their expectations. Wool Landon lawyers are trained to write by first reading the underlying state and federal law. Instead of relying on forms created by professional sales teams and legal staff, our lawyers will learn to use their own language to create a customized estate plan for our clients. As one Wool Landon team member exclaimed, we create “slick” documents. They are slick in the technical sense of the word. They operate in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way.

Many estate planners rely upon estate planning document preparation systems. These systems advertise the convenience of their drafting and document preparation as a substitute for ‘the most difficult’ part of the attorney’s job, writing the plan documents. Some of these systems sell excellent documents, but they are only excellent in the hands of an attorney who understands the language and decisions involved in creating them. The attorney who selects a document preparation system after years of drafting their own may be both a good follower and a good leader. The attorney who selects a system without years of experience drafting estate planning documents may be neither a good follower nor a good leader. Abby envisions a living catalog of documents and forms that turns every lawyer on her team into a leader in the field.

In another article on leading and following, Bernhard Schroeder in Forbes states “The best followers don’t just follow a leader; they follow the leader’s mission or vision.” At Wool Landon, our team is a cohesive group with a fresh vision for leadership in Estate Planning Law.
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