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Helping You Navigate Disputes – Tough or Tender

We craft our estate and disability plans with precision to minimize the risk of disputes. Our success in this realm is evident, especially among clients who diligently monitor and update their plans with us. As Wool Landon always advocates, Do It Right because doing it right prevents disputes.

Disagreements between beneficiaries and fiduciaries, as well as among family members and charities, are not uncommon. These are often exacerbated if the will or trust is poorly constructed, outdated, or if the decedent died intestate (without a will or revocable trust). A lack of liquidity in the estate or plan can also ignite conflicts.

If things weren’t done right initially, Wool Landon is here to help our clients “be right.” Our probate and trust litigation team represents executors, trustees, beneficiaries, fiduciaries, and other involved parties in trust and estate disputes in Oregon and Washington.

Our team applies refined litigation skills and courtroom experience to issues that cannot be amicably resolved. With decades of experience, we possess deep knowledge of the laws and the process. Although the outcome of any litigation is unpredictable, our attorneys deliver a balanced view of the good news, bad news, analysis, and strategies to empower our clients to make informed decisions. We become the proverbial “bulldog” lawyer when we are convinced we are on the right side of an issue.

Estate disputes can arise when beneficiaries take over the administration of the estate. These can manifest as a Will or Trust contest, where questions about the decedent’s competence or potential undue influence by another party arise. Issues can also emerge during the probate or trust administration process or between guardians, conservators, agents under powers of attorney, and family members, particularly when disability documents are not meticulously prepared or updated.

We are ready to assist you or your family in evaluating your unique situation and determining the appropriate next steps.

Wool Landon handles a broad range of trust and estate disputes, including:

  • Wrongful death claims
  • Trust contests and administration disputes
  • Will contests
  • Probate disputes
  • Financial abuse of elder and vulnerable persons
  • Guardianship, conservatorship, and other fiduciary disputes
  • Enforcement of disability documents
  • Fiduciary disputes involving lay and professional trustees, personal representatives, guardians, and conservators

Mediation Dispute Resolution and Litigation

When confronted with a probate or trust dispute, we prioritize resolving the issue informally through negotiation and mediation, particularly when the dispute involves family members. We often advocate for amicable settlements before proceeding to probate court. Litigation, which necessitates a judge’s intervention, can be lengthy, costly, and emotionally draining. However, when alternative dispute resolution methods prove ineffective, our seasoned litigation team is prepared to step in.

Work with an Experienced Probate and Trust Litigation Attorney

Probate litigation involves significant financial and emotional stakes. Wool Landon is committed to fighting tirelessly to safeguard your interests. Contact us today.

Probate and Trust Litigation

Disputes and contests over wills, estates, and trusts are navigated under this legal framework. Wool Landon is adept at handling an array of related issues, including:
  • Wrongful death and negligence claims.
  • Misappropriations and delays in probate and trust administration.
  • Fiduciary disputes and contested trust amendments.
  • Enforcement of disability documents and trust provisions.
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