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Planning For A Tragic Accident Or Premature Death

Even young people can be stricken by accidents and illnesses. Ignoring the possibility that you or your spouse could face a catastrophe isn’t an option. It’s never too early or too late to safeguard your family.

Consider the Emerging Estate Plan: Hiring Wool Landon for your estate and disability plan is affordable and wise. Starting early with the right plan and attorney will build a solid foundation for your financial and family legacy.

With decades of experience assisting clients in Oregon and Washington with successful estate and disability plans, we take pride in the fact that none of the estate or disability plans we’ve created have resulted in litigation. In the event of a severe debilitating illness or unexpected death, we save family members both time and money. Although we can’t reduce heartache, our plans significantly lessen their workload.

Don’t Leave Caring For Your Children And Loved Ones To Chance

We offer a variety of options for first-time emerging estate and disability plans, customized to best suit your present needs. Every individual and family, regardless of the complexity of their assets, need the basic building blocks of an estate and disability plan: wills, powers of attorney, and advance directives for health care. If you’re in the process of building and establishing your financial future, you’re a perfect candidate for an Emerging Estate Plan created by Wool Landon. We design these plans to address your current needs and to evolve as your family and estate evolve.

Your Emerging Estate Plan will include detailed advice on appointing guardians, conservators, executors, and trustees. We also provide forward-looking provisions, like a well-designed trust for the benefit of your minor and young adult children and the appointment of a trust protector to serve as both a mediator and advisor to your family and your named trustee. We also offer a plan maintenance program to ensure that your plan matures with you.

  • Learn about life insurance from an unbiased perspective. We don’t sell it, so our advice on the amount you should carry isn’t influenced by commissions. We recognize its importance for young families and can illustrate its role in your estate and disability plan.
  • Discover who will have the final say regarding the placement of your minor children. Without a legal parent, children can become wards of the state until your plan is enacted. We can guide the court to ensure your children aren’t caught between conflicting family interests.
  • Explore your future plans. Estate and disability planning isn’t just about preparing for death or disability; it’s a lifelong journey. Hiring the right law firm early lays a strong foundation for a long-term relationship where we come to know you, your family, your finances, and your legacy wishes intimately.

Do You Qualify For An Emerging Estate And Disability Plan?

Complete our Emerging Estate Questionnaire on our resources page. If you answer “No” to the highlighted questions, you likely qualify. For adults with beneficiaries over 25 and established personal assets, we offer advanced plans, including flexible tax applications, customized beneficiary advice, and detailed guidance on appointments of successor trustees and personal representatives. We are dedicated to understanding your goals for your future and your loved ones. An estate and disability plan is a collaborative effort; we’re here to facilitate decision-making and organize your plans effectively.

The Benefits Are Clear

Your Emerging Estate Plan isn’t a one-off purchase but an evolving investment.

  • You and your family can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your estate and disability plan is tailored to your current situation. 
  • Your plan documents can mitigate tax, litigation, and administration costs now and in the future.
  • You’ve made optimal provisions for your minor children, assuring unexpected health concerns or disasters.
  • You have a firm you can trust and plans that can adapt as your life evolves.
  •  As your family and wealth grow, planning partners like Abby Wool Landon and her team will guide your choices.

Estate And Disability Planning Experience You Can Rely On

Begin your journey to a secure, protected future for you and your loved ones with Wool Landon. Our seasoned estate and disability planning attorneys are ready to preserve your legacy.
Contact us at 503-447-8800 or online to schedule a consultation.

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