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Wool Landon provides estate, disability, and related tax planning for private clients at every stage of wealth. You are important to us as individuals. We represent people from all walks of life and are proud to be race, religion, atheist, agnostic, and LGBTQ-friendly.

We know from experience that loving families are not always perfect families. We want you to be comfortable enough to share your family’s successes and tribulations. We will showcase our dedication by developing secure, tailored plans that facilitate seamless connection whenever you require our assistance, ensuring a continuous and reliable support system spanning across generations.

Wool Landon

The Wool Landon® Mission

To help you develop, maintain, and leave a loving legacy for your family, your community, and your world.

Why We Do It

Every person is unique and every plan should be a unique reflection of the person. At Wool Landon, we know what a difference it makes to have a good estate and disability plan. Good plans avoid disputes.

Fewer than 50% of Americans have a personalized estate plan. The majority rely instead on state laws. Some people rely on misconceptions regarding passing property by survivorship, community property rules, and beneficiary designations suggested by financial institutions and others. Some “do it yourself” using internet online resources that provide too few selections to fit real-life situations. Others hope their old documents are going to be sufficient.

The truth is that without the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney assisting with an up-to-date coordinated plan, families and charities are frustrated by these well-intentioned efforts to lovingly pass on a meaningful legacy. Relationships are impaired. Families are fractured. Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, friends, neighbors, and business partners stop talking to one another, sometimes for decades. Frustrations may even erupt in courtroom drama. In almost all these cases, the financial and emotional cost of confusion is high.

We believe in the art of teaching young lawyers to write, explain, and assist with estate planning documents. Estate and disability planning firms need skilled lawyers who can serve the next generation. Young lawyers need the skills and network to accommodate the mobile American family. We believe in the art of teaching newer lawyers to write, explain, and assist with estate planning documents. We provide a platform for our attorneys to work like their peers in other professional industries. This includes the option of working virtually from home or in a remote location. This flexible approach allows our attorneys to establish long-term relationships with their clients.

How We Do It

By combining experience and compassion, we facilitate difficult conversations about death and disability essential to planning for the future. We work to understand better and directly address the barriers to implementing and maintaining up-to-date estate and disability planning documents.

We view business succession planning, estate, charitable, gift, legal, and tax planning as a business of an entirely different kind. We work cooperatively with the lawyers you rely on for your complex corporate activity, mergers, and acquisitions. At Wool Landon, our sole perspective on your ongoing business is how it will fare on your death or disability.

Every Wool Landon client has a customized, flexible plan. When changes in law or circumstances require a change to plan documents, a client who participates in our maintenance program will have documents that are up-to-date, prepared, and administered by lawyers they know.

Our Goal

To create the strongest, most reliable multi-state boutique estate planning firm by combining safe, creative planning documents, client plan management, maintenance, and education. Our firm is a place where our values are expressed externally to our clients and internally to our team. We want to help you and your family implement a loving legacy developed to avoid conflict and express your wishes.

Wool Landon
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