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Wool Landon

We are searching for 2 experienced litigation lawyers to join our team, a mid-level litigator able to manage a part of our existing case load, and a senior partner level attorney with a portable book of complimentary business.
Wool Landon is a boutique private client trust and estate firm. I developed Wool Landon in part because I lost confidence in the succession planning available for my clients at the larger firms where I had been a member. In larger part, I see the need for a boutique multi-state trust and estate firm that can create some conformity of documentation, excellence, expertise and methodology.

Wool Landon has a unique approach to private client estate planning, drafting and refining all manner of wills and trusts, from the “emerging estate plans” for young people to tax driven planning for high-net-worth clients. We also do trusts and probate administration, and related litigation. Poor quality estate planning documents coming from firms both large and small lead to litigation or mediated settlements. They are often accompanied by vulnerable persons abuse claims, and, unfortunately, sometimes attorney and residential care malpractice claims. Wool Landon specializes in customized, complicated plans, probate and trust administration, and, when necessary, associated litigation.

Wool Landon is a special place, and we have a long-term plan for growth outside of the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington. A preferred potential new team member is licensed in both Washington and Oregon, and has experience in both states, as we are reaching deeper into the state of Washington this year with plans to open a physical office in Washington. Are you an experienced litigator who wants to work for a boutique firm where you can impact the growth of this practice area? Maybe you are growing tired of the encumbrances you encounter at a full-service firm, and are bogged down by hiring practices, business conflicts and cumbersome administration obligations coming from well-meaning traditional top-down management. Or maybe you are a sole practitioner or small firm outgrowing your infrastructure but hesitate to undertake the cost of expanding. At Wool Landon, our support infrastructure, insurance coverage and cyber security competes with much larger firms.

At Wool Landon® we take care of families for a living, and we value your time with yours by offering reasonable billable hour goals and remote work flexibility. We love training young people, and we mentor and develop mentors. Our billing expectations are approximately 1500 hours, we only require one Monday morning in the office (or your participation by Zoom) in our Monday morning “All Hands” meeting. Parking at our Tigard “club house” is free, we have full benefits and pay competitively with regional and state firms. If you know someone or are someone who has great litigation skills and wants to confine your efforts to our practice areas, I can train you in the law that applies to probates and estates as needed.

You can reach out in confidence to kathee.nelson@woollandon.com or contact me directly at info@woollandon.com. All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence. Veterans and diverse candidates are always encouraged to apply.

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