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When should you consider contesting a will?

Wool Landon

If you stand to inherit or believe you do, it can be disheartening to find your deceased loved one’s will says differently.

Sometimes people alter their wills at the last minute or exclude favored children without telling them why. You may suspect wrongdoing. Here are some indicators that something might be amiss:

Someone new benefits from a late will change

Maybe your dad has a late in life new girlfriend who is inquiring about his finances. Or perhaps your mom grew strangely close to their caregiver in her final months. If your parent appears to have altered their will to favor that person, you are right to question it. If you suspect they unduly influenced your parent to make the change, you may have a case to overturn the will.

The paperwork seems odd

Is that really your loved one’s signature? Maybe they were just unable to hold the pen steady anymore, or was it that someone else forged their signature? Other reasons to be suspicious are that the will was made with a different law firm than the one they usually used for everything. Or that the will seems vastly different from an earlier version you saw.

What if you think something is up?

Getting legal help to look at the suspicious will, or review the suspicious circumstances, and understand your chances of successfully contesting it can help you decide on your next moves.

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